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Phase 0 – 04/22

Draft project and choice of the Bitgert Brise Blockchain, with the following approval by the Team.

  • Smart Contract NFT drafting
  • Smart Contract PPS drafting
  • Smart Contract Rewards drafting
  • Study and testing of gaming technologies
  • Game logic study and test


Phase 1 – 05/22

Month to test the architecture in Brise Testnet, Game skeleton development to test Blockchain calls.

  • Deploy Smart Contract NFT – Testnet
  • Deploy Smart Contract PPS -Testnet
  • Deploy Smart Contract Rewards – Testnet
  • Character creation
  • Character skeleton rig
  • Character movement animation
  • Writing movement code and game logic
  • Bitgert Testnet Blockchain link


Phase 2 – 06/22

Bitgert Testnet smart contract test term and completion of the first Alpha version of the game.

  • Completion of the character’s shooting simulation
  • AI Zombie configuration, chase, character, damage, score
  • Construction UI menu user interface
  • Opening of the telegram and twitter channel
  • Dissemination of the project to the public began


Phase 3 – 07/22

Deploy smart contracts and link the game to the Bitgert Mainnet Blockchain
Alpha version of the game released


Phase 4 – 08/22

Recruitment of developers and 3D designers for Zombie Survival game update and full game creation.
Beginning of the final game structure draft and zombie survival draft.

  • Interviews with Unity developers and hiring
  • Interviews with 3D Designers (Characters, Maps) and hiring
  • Writing draft final game and study new technologies
  • New Zombie Survival draft writing and study of new technologies
  • Website update, start of page construction (Tournaments, Clans)


Phase 5 – 09/22

End of study of new technologies, first official draft of the games. Beginning of development.

  • New website release
  • Creating rig and animation models for new characters
  • 3D map creation (map design, map construction modeling, texture insertion)
  • Development of new game code
  • Insertion of maps and characters for environment and movement tests
  • New Zombie animations, new AI logic chase and damage
  • Instant in-game dynamic rewards tagging
  • Internal Game Test (Character, Zombie AI, Dynamic Rewards, Leaderboard)
  • Creating new characters


Phase 6 – 10/22

Official release of Zombie Survival, Start of monthly P2E tournaments.
Full game development alignment with the team

  • Beginning of clan recruitment for P2E tournaments
  • Monthly tournaments start
  • Start of Aggressive Marketing action
  • Alignment of game developments, creation of new maps and characters
  • Any Zombie Survival bug fixes
  • Release Zombie Survival version Windows/MacOS


Phase 7 – 11/22

New Zombie survival updates, voice chat enabled for party Clan tournaments

  • New collection characters
  • Inclusion of new weapons in the game
  • Entry of passive Rewards Top monthly players
  • Alignment of game developments, creation of new maps and characters


Phase 8 – 12/22

New Zombie survival updates, and new clan updates

  • Release zombie survival version Android and IOS
  • Team deathmatch internal test
  • New clans for new nominations and tournament entries
  • New mode chosen by the community





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